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Take the first step in the process of curating your dream wedding by filling out this form. Please allow 48-72 business hours for a response in order for us to review your visions and confirm availability.  

If you should not hear back from us on the weekend, don't worry! We are probably off creating a gorgeous event, and yours could be next!

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Overall Budget
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People remember a curated experience

Any tablescape or aisle runner can be beautiful, but you can’t underestimate the impact of a well-run event. Where your guests feel nurtured, attended to, and special in every way. The best way to ensure this is for you, the host, to be fully present and engaged while you trust me and your vendors to make sure everything behind-the-scenes is executed to the highest standard.


As your wedding planner you can trust me to ensure flawless execution. I oversee final preparations, coordinate with vendors, manage timelines, enhance guest experiences, troubleshoot issues discreetly, and ensure the couple's vision comes to life seamlessly. From guest coordination to crisis management and styling oversight, I'm the behind-the-scenes conductor orchestrating every element, allowing the couple to savor their special day stress-free, leaving them with memories of a truly magical event.

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